Top shot tips

In a response to a post on I was asked to give some tips on Lennart Greens infamous top shot move. Man is it a tough move, but it is all worth learning – I use it in almost all of my card sets when I am performing. In this video I have gathered some tips and tricks that might help you learn it quicker if you are struggling with the move:)

Twisting the aces DELUXE // Tutorial

Hey guys.

Today I want to show an effect of mine that combines two card plots, that I am very fond of: Twisting the aces and The collectors. The effect is quite simple and very direct. It is completely impromptu and only requires a tilt-move and a couple of normal elsmley counts. Hope you like it! If you have any questions, leave a comment to this post:)



So let’s move on to the tutorial. The entire effect is explained in the video, but I will go over the effect in the description as well (although much quicker).

Start with the four aces faceup on the top of the deck. Have three cards selected from the faceup deck. While they are being selected, cull two cards, and leave them beneath the top three aces. Outjog the last ace slightly so it is easy to get a break above it when you turn the deck around.

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A VERY clean ace cutting routine

Just wanted to show you an ace cutting routine, that I am really happy with. I have been refining it over the last couple of years, and I think this has one of the nicest displays of the four aces cleanly going into four parts of the packet.

It uses one breather-crimp, but else is completely impromptu. Hope you enjoy it!:)

My favorite four ace routine

Every kickass magician should have his own favourite four ace routine! Here is one of my favourites. It’s a real worker, and I ofen use it to close my card set. Or at least almost as a closer: sometimes I have culled the four kings beforehand and I will close by saying something like: “Alright, but if you were to cheat at poker the four aces would be too obvious, so I normally use the… four kings”, and simultanously I switch the aces for the kings and show the transformation – that will leave them speakless most of the time!

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!


Card Sleights-practice: The diagonal Palm Shift

The Diagonal Palm Shift is a move that I almost never use in a regular performance, I still am not totally certain from which angles it can be detected. Yet it is still one of my favorite moves in all of card magic – mostly because of how well it flows when you have practiced it for awhile.

here is a little effect, that is just an excuse so showcase my Diagonal palm shift. Sorry for the flash in the end – I guess the camera is pretty damn hard to misdirect;)

I think this will fool you // A card control


This is a card control that I am pretty proud of. It has been published two places: in Magic Magazine in Joshua Jay’s excellent Talk about tricks column, and in the’s card collection book.

The control utilizes a technic that I consider to be one of the most versatile in all of card magic – maybe just behind a good old double lift.

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A simple sandwich effect


This is an effect that I came up with 5-6 years ago. It was published in the Danish magic book, The Magicians Code by Mads Rasmussen. It is one of the cleanest and simplest sandwich routines I know, and it seriously stunnish laymen – and maybe some magicians.

Hope you like it!

If you would like an explanation please leave a comment on the youtube video!:)