Top shot tips

In a response to a post on I was asked to give some tips on Lennart Greens infamous top shot move. Man is it a tough move, but it is all worth learning – I use it in almost all of my card sets when I am performing. In this video I have gathered some tips and tricks that might help you learn it quicker if you are struggling with the move:)

Twisting the aces DELUXE // Tutorial

Hey guys.

Today I want to show an effect of mine that combines two card plots, that I am very fond of: Twisting the aces and The collectors. The effect is quite simple and very direct. It is completely impromptu and only requires a tilt-move and a couple of normal elsmley counts. Hope you like it! If you have any questions, leave a comment to this post:)



So let’s move on to the tutorial. The entire effect is explained in the video, but I will go over the effect in the description as well (although much quicker).

Start with the four aces faceup on the top of the deck. Have three cards selected from the faceup deck. While they are being selected, cull two cards, and leave them beneath the top three aces. Outjog the last ace slightly so it is easy to get a break above it when you turn the deck around.

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The elimination process – a quicky


Hey guys,

Hope you enjoy the video! My very first for the blog – sorry for my English, it’s a bit rusty, so I hope it will get just a little better for every video!:)



Have a card selected and lost in the deck. Tell the spectator that you will locate it with the famous elimination process: you will eliminate one card at a time until you land on the spectators selected card. Turn the deck over and begin to go through the cards one at a time. When the spectator begins to fall asleep, quickly say: “Ok, this is may be a little too slow, so let’s eliminate ALL the cards that is not your card.” At the same time you outjog a card facedown and spread the rest of the deck faceup. Reveal that the facedown card is indeed the selected card.


So the method is quite simple as you have probably already guessed by now. Control a selected card to the top.

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