A VERY clean ace cutting routine

Just wanted to show you an ace cutting routine, that I am really happy with. I have been refining it over the last couple of years, and I think this has one of the nicest displays of the four aces cleanly going into four parts of the packet.

It uses one breather-crimp, but else is completely impromptu. Hope you enjoy it!:)

Card Sleights-practice: The diagonal Palm Shift

The Diagonal Palm Shift is a move that I almost never use in a regular performance, I still am not totally certain from which angles it can be detected. Yet it is still one of my favorite moves in all of card magic – mostly because of how well it flows when you have practiced it for awhile.

here is a little effect, that is just an excuse so showcase my Diagonal palm shift. Sorry for the flash in the end – I guess the camera is pretty damn hard to misdirect;)

Hello fellow card magic-enthusiast.

Welcome to Thesidesteal.com – the blog about card magic.

card magic blog
Studying a classic by Harry Lorayne

My name is Anders Møller and I’m a Danish magician, who has been performing for the last 10 years. I am interested in most branches of magic, but my biggest passion lies in close-up magic – more specifically card magic. I absolutely love sitting with a deck of cards, and I enjoy developing new card magic effects aswell as refining exisiting ones.

I will try to update this blog once or twice every week with a new trick, an idea or an essay on magic in general. if you have some tricks that you would like me to put on the blog, I would be thrilled to hear from you. You can drop me an email on abm@anders-magic.dk.


Anders Møller

Oh, and keep an eye on the banner-image. I will try to chance that image once a week to something card-related! Hope you’ll like it!