Top shot tips

In a response to a post on I was asked to give some tips on Lennart Greens infamous top shot move. Man is it a tough move, but it is all worth learning – I use it in almost all of my card sets when I am performing. In this video I have gathered some tips and tricks that might help you learn it quicker if you are struggling with the move:)

Card Sleights-practice: The diagonal Palm Shift

The Diagonal Palm Shift is a move that I almost never use in a regular performance, I still am not totally certain from which angles it can be detected. Yet it is still one of my favorite moves in all of card magic – mostly because of how well it flows when you have practiced it for awhile.

here is a little effect, that is just an excuse so showcase my Diagonal palm shift. Sorry for the flash in the end – I guess the camera is pretty damn hard to misdirect;)

I think this will fool you // A card control


This is a card control that I am pretty proud of. It has been published two places: in Magic Magazine in Joshua Jay’s excellent Talk about tricks column, and in the’s card collection book.

The control utilizes a technic that I consider to be one of the most versatile in all of card magic – maybe just behind a good old double lift.

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