The elimination process – a quicky


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Hope you enjoy the video! My very first for the blog – sorry for my English, it’s a bit rusty, so I hope it will get just a little better for every video!:)



Have a card selected and lost in the deck. Tell the spectator that you will locate it with the famous elimination process: you will eliminate one card at a time until you land on the spectators selected card. Turn the deck over and begin to go through the cards one at a time. When the spectator begins to fall asleep, quickly say: “Ok, this is may be a little too slow, so let’s eliminate ALL the cards that is not your card.” At the same time you outjog a card facedown and spread the rest of the deck faceup. Reveal that the facedown card is indeed the selected card.


So the method is quite simple as you have probably already guessed by now. Control a selected card to the top.

I like to use a control without any shuffling so the spectator is even more certain it lies somewhere in the center (I used a side steal – hopefully didn’t flash too much. That is one hard control to pull off in front of a camera!). Talk about the elimination process and turn the deck faceup. Start dealing 4-5 card onto the table asking “was that your card?” for each. Now you swing cut half the deck, turn the cards in biddle grip facedown and peel off the top card onto the other half. Slam the cards in your right hand onto the other half and make a card fan. The selected card is now outjogged facedown in the faceup card fan. Turn your hand around to reveal the selected card.


I have had a lot of fun with this little effect. It has a very nice flow to it, and I like to start a card set with it. A fun addition to follow it up with is a production of the other three-of-a-kind of the selected card. Have the other three corresponding cards on top, and produce them in the same manner as the selected card: Swing cut one quarter of the deck, peel card off, swing cut another quarter of the deck, peel card off, swing cut quater of the deck, peel card off, and slam the rest on top. You now have three facedown cards protuding from the deck. Fan the cards and turn your hand over to reveal the matching identity of the cards.


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