Book recommendation: Harry Lorayne’s The Classic Collection Vol. 1

Harry lorayne

Hey Guys,

Hope you are enjoying the summer! In Denmark a warm and sunny summer is never a given, so we always have to enjoy every day that the summer is showing itself. And what better way than to dive into a great card magic book. Right now I am rereading the Classic Collection by Harry Lorayne. And what a great book it is. It contains 439 pages, and it is filled with card material.

Some effects are definetly not worth talking about, but there are some hidden gems in this tome for sure. If you happen to get your hands on the book you should pay extra attention to

  • Coincidentally yours (page 37)
  • Out of this universe (page 64)
  • One Eyed jack sandwich (page 211)

These were just the top three effects that came to my mind, but there are alot more great effects buried in the book.

Where to buy the book:

Alright, so I did a quick search and it seems that the Classic Collection Vol 1. is actually quite hard to come by. I cannot seem to find any magic shop that has it in stock. However, Harry Lorayne has also published Vol 2-5 already (man has that man published alot of stuff). I have yet to read Vol 4 and 5, but 2 and 3 are definitly also worth a readthrough.

Harry Lorayne Classic Collection Vol 2-5:

Vanishing Inc

Harry Lorayne Classic Collection Vol 2:



Hope you have an awesome summer, and happy reading!