Twisting the aces DELUXE // Tutorial

Hey guys.

Today I want to show an effect of mine that combines two card plots, that I am very fond of: Twisting the aces and The collectors. The effect is quite simple and very direct. It is completely impromptu and only requires a tilt-move and a couple of normal elsmley counts. Hope you like it! If you have any questions, leave a comment to this post:)



So let’s move on to the tutorial. The entire effect is explained in the video, but I will go over the effect in the description as well (although much quicker).

Start with the four aces faceup on the top of the deck. Have three cards selected from the faceup deck. While they are being selected, cull two cards, and leave them beneath the top three aces. Outjog the last ace slightly so it is easy to get a break above it when you turn the deck around.

Use the tilt move three times to apparently lose the selected cards into the deck. Two selected cards go above the break and one goes below. Pick up the cards above the break (3 faceup aces, 2 random cards and 2 selected cards).

Now we enter the Twisting part of the effect. Perform an Elsmley to reveal the first facedown card. Another Elsmley to reveal the next. This time the last card goes in between the next two cards. Perform one more Elsmley: three cards have turned facedown. Perform the last Elsmley to reveal that all four cards have turned facedown. Now you have to remove the top card and place it one card from the bottom of the packet (just pinky-pulldown the bottom card and insert it into the break). Now the effect is method-wise done. If you place the packet on the rest of the deck and cut the cards, the four aces will be faceup with 3 selected cards in between.


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